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BeiGene continues to grow at a rapid pace with challenging and exciting opportunities for experienced professionals. When considering candidates, we look for scientific and business professionals who are highly motivated, collaborative, and most importantly, share our passionate interest in fighting cancer.

The key responsibilities of BeiGene discovery biology team include but not limited to:

  • Provide scientific inputs with focuses on target biology and disease biology, and be responsible for new target proposal, target evaluation/validation, define and implement critical path studies to drive hypothesis-based research.
  • Contribute to MOA exploration of drug discovery and empower strong and deep preclinical pipeline with highly diversified modalities leveraging both traditional and cutting-edge technology platforms (small molecules, CDAC, antibodies, multi-specific antibody, ADC, mRNA therapy, and other novel modalities).
  • As scientific leader, spearhead preclinical project team and/or support projects with biology expertise, working in a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary matrixed environment.
  • Initiate new project, draft research plan, and support target validation, modality prioritization, drug screening and candidate selection/nomination using cell-based assays.


  • Lead a team to design and implement physiological- and/or disease-relevant cellular models and assays to deliver on multiple project and department objectives with the high scientific standard
  • Effectively drive early drug target discovery initiatives through critical evaluation of the scientific rational or novel mechanisms and collaborate with multidisciplinary team to present target discovery strategy in EGC/NTPC meetings.
  • Lead drug target discovery and validation efforts on research and development projects under his/her responsibility by close collaboration with cross-functional team.
  • Maintain an awareness of new/emerging techniques relevant to biological in vitro assays and support scientists to troubleshoot and resolve complex problems in assay development.
  • Collect, analyze, and provide written and/or verbal summaries and communicate scientific results among the project teams, to senior management, and at domestic and global scientific meetings/conferences.


  • PhD in the disciplines of medical and life sciences; specialty in immunology with at least 10 years relevant field of biomedical research or drug discovery experience in biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry
  • Demonstrated independent scientific thinking and creative problem-solving skills, as evident in original research, contribution to drug discovery, and/or track records in peer reviewed journals.
  • Prior experience of leading target identification and validation and managing scientists with a track record of achievements in leading projects is a plus
  • Familiar with a wide range of biological and/or pharmacological techniques to probe mechanism of action of novel targets or therapeutics
  • Broad knowledge and deep understanding of disease biology and therapeutic landscape in areas such as rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills establish and maintain internal and external collaborations


当我们通过以下十二项全球胜任力,展现出 "患者为先"、"无界协作"、"锐意创新 "和 "追求卓越 "的价值观时,我们就能帮助全世界更多患者获得更多负担得起的药品。

• 团队协作

• 提供并征求坦诚及可行的反馈

• 自我认知

• 兼容并蓄

• 积极主动

• 开拓精神

• 持续学习

• 拥抱变化

• 结果导向

• 分析性思维/数据分析

• 卓越财务

• 清晰沟通

BeiGene Global Competencies

When we exhibit our values of Patients First, Collaborative Spirit, Bold Ingenuity and Driving Excellence, through our twelve global competencies below, we help get more affordable medicines to more patients around the world.

• Fosters Teamwork

• Provides and Solicits Honest and Actionable Feedback

• Self-Awareness

• Acts Inclusively

• Demonstrates Initiative

• Entrepreneurial Mindset

• Continuous Learning

• Embraces Change

• Results-Oriented

• Analytical Thinking/Data Analysis

• Financial Excellence

• Communicates with Clarity


百济神州致力于尊重和保护您的个人信息权利,并承诺依据合法、正当、必要和诚信的原则处理您的个人信息(包括个人敏感信息 )。

由于百济神州在全球范围内开展业务,我们可能需要基于人力资源管理等合理业务目的而将您的个人信息发送和/或存储在位于您所在国家以外其他国家(例如:美国)的服务器和数据库中,详情参见百济神州《求职者隐私政策》(百济神州官网 - 隐私政策 - 求职者隐私政策)。


BeiGene is committed to respect and protect your personal information rights, and will process your personal information, including your sensitive personal information, based on the principles of legality, legitimacy, necessity, and integrity.

Due to the reasonable business need for human resource management as a result of BeiGene’s global operation, your personal information may be transferred and/ or stored in a server/database located in a third country (e.g., the United States) other than your own country. For further details, please refer to BeiGene Job Applicant Privacy Policy (BeiGene official website - Privacy Policy - Job Applicant Privacy Policy).

If you voluntarily provide your resume or other personal information to us, it is deemed as you have thoroughly acknowledged and accepted BeiGene Job Applicant Privacy Policy. If you have any concern, please DO NOT submit your resume or any other personal information.

Benefits Offered?

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Bonus Offered?

  • No

Travel Required?

  • No


  • China

Global Experience Needed?

  • No

Specialized Experience Needed?

  • No

Apply before:

  • Apr 14, 2024
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BeiGene is a global biotechnology company that is discovering and developing innovative oncology treatments that are more accessible and affordable to cancer patients worldwide. We have a commercial presence in more than 60 markets, with products treating various forms of cancer, and our broad and deep pipeline has the potential to address 80 percent of cancers by incidence. We have grown rapidly since our founding in 2010 to more than 9,000 colleagues working on five continents, including more than 950 oncology researchers, one of the largest such teams in the industry. We have administrative offices in Basel, Beijing and Cambridge, U.S. As we have grown, we have also evolved. In 2022, the company published its first Environmental, Social and Governance report and introduced “Change in the Cure,” a framework that provides a path for helping us shape a better world by advancing global health, improving access to medicines and ensuring quality in all our work. We have also introduced initiatives to improve work/life balance for our colleagues. To learn more about BeiGene, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @BeiGeneGlobal. See our community guidelines:
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