Mechanical Engineer, Data Center 機械、冷却技術者 エンジニア、データセンター

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This Mechanical Engineer performs mechanical systems testing in compliance with a project schedule. The mechanical test engineer should have a working knowledge of mechanical P&IDs, electrical one-line drawings and a general understanding of mechanical systems: Mechanical (HVAC) systems, air distribution (fans, ducting, VAVs), refrigeration systems, chilled water systems, hot water heating systems, steam heating systems and fire protection equipment. He/she will drive the functional performance test for each mechanical system assigned and is expected to be able to competently follow approved test scripts. Needs to be self-motivated and willing to actively engage contractors/vendors to set up testing to complete all required activities for project success
The witness, verification and validation of proper execution of commissioning tests is to be documented by the Mechanical Test Engineer. The quality of documentation is vital to success of program and the Mechanical Test Engineer is expected to have knowledge and ability to complete all document requirements.
CAI is a rapidly expanding professional services organization headquartered in the United States with offices in Singapore and China. We work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutritional and building commissioning industries including data centers to provide industry best practices to our clients. Check us out at
  • Lead and steer all mechanical commissioning and testing activities for all contracted testing and commissioning work related to mechanical, cooling, HVAC, airflow, water, refrigerant/return piping and plumbing systems (and possibly structural and civil expertise) at the client`s site according to agreed Scope of Works
  • Guide technical discussion and clarification with client acting as and advisor/coordinator for any technical, mechanical, cooling, HVAC, airflow, water, refrigerant/return piping and plumbing related topics and in some circumstances structural and civil engineering related topics
  • Act as technical expert and advisory for the client, advising on feasibility, practicality and any cost, resource impact of solution, methods and work procedures at all stages of the commissioning process
  • Fulfil the role of on-site technical lead and coordinate obtaining correct information from equipment vendors, client, contactors and site owners to make decision and lead
  • Participate and contribute to meetings with the client, consultants, other contractors to provide expert technical opinion. Work with all commissioning stakeholders to sign-off and commit to a common and agreed commissioning deliverables scope and outline items
  • Ensuring all relevant certification and required documentation have been provided by construction contractors, equipment/system vendors to be approved and used as reference for commissioning documentation development
  • Review, check, analyze, and provide opinion on design documents such as BoD, OPR, mechanical, cooling, HVAC, ducting, piping and plumbing drawings, schematics, diagrams and installation drawings as well as approve documents meeting commissioning requirements of the client
  • Support engineering and commissioning deliverables development, working together with team members
  • Develop, create, review and achieve approval of test scripts, Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)
  • Develop, create, review, achieve approval and initiate Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) or Factory Witness Tests (FWT)according to the needs of the client
  • Ensure delivery quality is consistent with testing and commissioning requirement from client and the tested outcome is consistent with the client`s desired specification and performance requirements
  • Enforce and work to the client`s project timelines and supervise all mechanical, cooling, ducting, piping and flow/balancing commissioning activities according to the client`s commissioning schedule and timeline
  • Steer and guide all stakeholders (general contractors, equipment suppliers, BEP contractors) to achieve commissioning outcomes to the prerequisites of the client BoD and OPR, periodically assessing and evaluating the conformance, progress and suitability of planned work in line with the agreed commissioning deliverables
  • Supervising, monitoring all mechanical, cooling, airflow, piping and plumbing commissioning works ensuring the tests are effective for all associated Cx levels
  • Facilitating effective handover of equipment, facilities and outcomes from commissioning, ensuring all required certification and associated records, testing/verification documentation have been checked and approved and signed-off from vendors, construction contractors as well as by the company for test performance confirmation
  • Check that critical decisions, actions and planning regarding commissioning are shared, reviewed and developed together with the company's global expertise to ensure consistency with the company`s global approach and policy, standards
Critical Skills And Knowledge
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of OSHA safety requirements.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills.
  • Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics and mechanical P&IDs.
  • Knowledge of mission critical design concepts.
  • Knowledge of various Building Automation/Monitoring Systems (BAS/BMS), Air Handlers, Humidifiers, Variable Refrigerant Flow, Computer Room Air Conditioners/Handlers (CRAC/CRAH), Evaporators, Adiabatic Coolers, Pressure/Temperature/Humidity sensors & Flowmeters.
  • Know ledge of basic thermodynamics and heat transfer and fluid flow.
  • Knowledge of the Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) process.
  • Knowledge of mechanical trend analysis.
  • Strong experience wi th Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
是非 で弊社の業務内容を確認下さい。
・様々なビルオートメーション/監視システム(BAS / BMS)、エアハンドラ、加湿器、可変冷媒流量、コンピュータルームエアコン/ハンドラ(CRAC / CRAH)、蒸発器、断熱クーラー、圧力/温度/湿度センサー&流量計の知識。

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  • Japan

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  • Apr 14, 2024
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Fundamentally we exist for one reason: To be the trusted solution for our clients as they strive to build a better working world and improve the human experience. To us, this means we provide engineers, project managers, scientists, and technicians to efficiently startup, document the process, train the operators, lower cost of goods, and drive speed to patient. We are 800+ global experts that bring top-tier expertise to every stage of a project, from creating comprehensive, detailed project plans to eliminating that last punch list item and beyond, into rigorous asset management, reliability, and sustainability activities. We are your choice regardless of your location. Philosophically and practically, we believe that quality, cost, and schedule can be mutually reinforcing – trade-offs are not necessary. Short-changing the focus on quality usually means problems down the road – problems that can cost money and delay the schedule. But if quality is built in from the start, then both project delivery and operational efficiency can be achieved with a much higher degree of assurance. When your project requires planned, managed, and documented high quality to exacting global standards. When you need high-performance teams on mission-critical projects. When your project is complex, high-visibility, and carries significant risk. We can help you meet a higher standard.
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