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Who we are:
DUDE CHEM is a Green Chemistry startup with its origins in the German Cluster of Excellence in Catalysis at the University of Technology Berlin. We are a small but mighty team which is dedicated to fulfil our mission: Based on the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry we aim to build a green chemical-pharmaceutical industry. The industry currently consumes >13% of all fossil resources, most of them during the manufacturing. Our aim is to change this.
In order to achieve this goal, we have built a strong IP portfolio and validated the tech onto the market in order to reduce or reuse expensive resources in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
We believe that digitalization can be an integral tool for the implementation of greener, more sustainable production processes.
This is why we combine both scientific disciplines – digitalization and sustainability – in all of our projects. Over the last years, our team has proven that our approaches work and created hard competitive advantages in the core of the value chain of their customers.
Why we need you:
We have recently secured a financing round in order to bring our first, greener manufactured products into the plants. Further, many customers are approaching us in order to get our support and help them to produce in a more sustainable and controlled way. Thus, we need your help to bring our greener processes into manufacturing as part of our Chemistry & Engineering Team.
In this role you will support our development team with your know-how in technical chemistry and chemical reactions, as well as your ability to model and optimize complex chemical reactions. You will be responsible for developing our greener reactions, optimizing them and bringing them into commercial production.
If you want to bring innovative green chemical manufacturing processes
from the lab scale into the plant scale and have a real positive impact on
the world, you are the perfect match for us!
Results we expect:
As a Technical Chemist, we expect you to accompany our manufacturing processes all the way from early development to their implementation in the manufacturing plant. Right from the start, we expect you to help develop the reactions of one of our greener processes, scaling them up, using kinetic modelling approaches, optimizing it and transferring it into the manufacturing plant.
  • Developed reactions of our greener processes with chosen solvent system, additives and reagents.
  • Proven reaction networks and pathways of the reactions.
  • Dimensionally scaled down experimental equipment setups for the conduction of kinetic studies.
  • Experimental kinetic studies of different reactions (designed, planned, set up, executed and evaluated experiments) in order to provide safe, efficient, robust and scalable processes.
  • Coordination of experimental work with chemists and lab assistances.
  • Needed physical and chemical properties, predicted and determined experimentally.
  • Reaction kinetics to be used to model the chemical reaction and the reactor.
  • Estimated model parameters based on experimental data and validated developed models.
  • Scaled-up processes from lab to plant scale.
  • Optimal operating conditions for the plant scale using the developed models.
Skills and attitudes that might be helpful:
  • Degree (M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing or PhD) in technical chemistry, process chemistry, or a related discipline.
  • Knowledge in reaction engineering, especially reaction kinetics, reactor design, multi-phase reaction systems and thermodynamics.
  • Experience in determining complex reaction networks and evaluating corresponding analytical data from GC, HPLC, or NMR.
  • Experience in the planning, execution and evaluation of reaction kinetic experiments in the lab or kilo lab.
  • Experience in scaling up reactions from the lab to the plant scale using state of the art modeling approaches.
  • Experience in computational solving of complex Differential-Algebraic-Equation (DAE) Systems using sophisticated model parameter estimation approaches.
  • Experience in Python or a similar programming language like MATLAB.
  • Experience using modeling and simulation tools such as AspenPlus, gProms, DynoChem, IDEAS.
  • Experience with optimization tools such as Pyomo, GAMS or AMPL.
  • Good organizational and project as well as time management skills.
  • Highly self-driven, professional personality with an aspiration to excel in the role.
  • Excellent written and oral communication, as well as presentation skills. Being fluent in English is a must, in German a plus.
What we offer:
We regard your skills as well as your conscience as our highest assets. We provide every team member with a veto right on projects, e.g. if you don’t want to work for a specific customer due to moral reasons. There were several occasions that also our CEO used this right.
We offer very flexible working hours (results orientation) and the integration into an extremely motivated interdisciplinary team. Moreover, you will have all the possibilities to further develop yourself and to help us to build an industry anew.
DUDE CHEM strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where we can ALL be ourselves. We encourage job applications from people of all genders, backgrounds, and communities.
We are consequently state-of-the-art driven and we promise that we will always listen to your ideas. Our dynamic hierarchies enable us to flexibly adapt our organizational structure to the level of expertise required in a project. Sometimes you will learn and sometimes you will have the lead in a project.
Open communication and direct feedback are values that we live every day. The conviction to do something that creates a positive impact in the world drives us forward.
We are a young, enthusiastic team that likes each other very much and we’d be very pleased if you’d be interested in working with us!
Unfortunately, we neither are able to pay you BASF salaries, nor are we able to pay them to ourselves. However, we will do our best to consider your individual needs and the specific circumstances you are in. Additionally, we have established a stock option pool for our employees and you will get 28 days holiday per year on a 100% position, as well as a ticket for the public transport in Berlin.
We also provide you with organic fruits, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks in our offices and labs in Berlin. Coachings and job relevant trainings are supported as well.
Anything else you need? Just let us know! :-)
Let’s transform the industry for the better, together!
How you can apply:
Send your CV, cover letter, and anything else which you consider relevant for us to our team.
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Benefits Offered?

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Bonus Offered?

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Travel Required?

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  • Germany

Global Experience Needed?

  • No

Specialized Experience Needed?

  • No

Apply before:

  • Apr 18, 2024
Company Overview

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DUDE CHEM is a leading company in green chemical manufacturing based in Berlin. As a virtual deep tech manufacturer, we enable a greener supply of pharmaceuticals and their intermediates in order to transform the current pharma-chemical industry into an environmentally benign sector. In combination with the newest technology in the fields of computational chemistry and digitalization, our market-validated IP portfolio and green chemistry expertise can be applied to reuse expensive resources, fast-track synthesis design and upscaling, as well as monitor and control chemical production processes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. DUDE CHEM strives to reflect our values and vision of sustainability not only in our products, but also in our daily operations; We are passionate about doing our part for the environment, our society and for our futures. We are on our journey to become the world leader in the green manufacturing of APIs and their intermediates.
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