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For Current Gilead Employees And Contractors:
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At Gilead we believe every employee deserves a great leader. As a people leader now or in the future, we expect that you will model and create an environment of inclusion, be intentionally focused on the hiring, development, growth and retention of talent, and empower teams to align and achieve goals.
Job Description
Job Responsibilities:
  • Develop and ensure the implementation of medical strategies and activities in the oncology field, critically evaluate and improve medical affairs plans in accordance with the Indications Strategic Plan (ISP) and the Global Medical Affairs Action Plan (POA).
  • Monitor the progress of the Medical Services Action Plan (POA).
  • Support the development, deployment, and appropriate application of medical expert tools and resources such as slides, and ensure that these tools are properly positioned and relevant information is delivered to optimize patient accessibility.
  • Present the cutting-edge medical and scientific technologies in the field of oncology therapy at key scientific meetings.
  • Build and maintain professional and reliable relationships with key opinion leaders.
  • Responsible for national expert consultative meetings and provides scientific support to consultative meetings, regional educational programs, conferences and other external meetings.
  • Provide scientific support for the approval of scientifically accurate extension materials, medical education programs, consultations and symposiums.
  • Work closely with R&D team, business team, government department and other cross-functional teams.
  • Remain highly sensitive to the rapidly evolving reimbursement environment in China and the evidentiary needs of healthcare policy makers to guide medical affairs strategies.
  • Live up to Gilead's core values: integrity, teamwork, responsibility, excellence and inclusion.
Knowledge And Experience Requirements:
  • Medical/scientific degree (MD, BA in internal and external general practice, PhD, pharmacy preferred) with experience in the pharmaceutical industry or related healthcare field.
  • At least 6 years of experience in medical related field, familiar with clinical research process, treatment environment and professional social treatment guidelines, medical liaison experience is preferred.
  • Extensive experience working together in an international matrix team environment.
  • Fluent written and oral communication in Mandarin and English.
  • Strong communication skills and influence.
  • Willing to learn and be flexible.
  • Base all judgments on the highest ethical and compliance standards and adhere to integrity.
  • 25% travel time acceptable.
  • 根据适应症策略计划(ISP)和全球医学事务行动计划(POA),制定和确保执行肿瘤领域的医学策略和活动,严格评估并且改进医学事务计划。
  • 监督医学事务行动计划(POA)的进度。
  • 支持医学专家工具和资源(如幻灯片)的开发、部署和适当应用,并确保正确定位这些工具和传递相关信息,以优化患者可及性。
  • 在涉及肿瘤治疗领域的关键科学会议中介绍医学和科学前沿技术。
  • 与关键意见领袖建立并维持专业、可靠的关系。
  • 负责全国专家咨询会,并为咨询会、地区教育项目、会议和其他外部会议提供科学支持。
  • 为科学准确的推广材料的审批、医学教育项目、咨询和专题讨论会提供科学支持。
  • 与研发团队、商业团队、政府事务部等跨职能团队开展密切合作。
  • 对快速发展的中国报销环境和医疗卫生决策者的证据需求保持高度敏感,以指导医学事务策略。
  • 践行吉利德的核心价值观:诚信、团队精神、责任、卓越和包容。
  • 高等医学/科学学位(医学博士、内外全科医学士、哲学博士、药学专业优先),具有制药行业或相关卫生保健领域的工作经验。
  • 具有6年及以上医学相关领域经验,熟悉临床研究流程、治疗环境和专业社会治疗指南,有医学联络员工作经验者优先。
  • 具有在国际矩阵式团队环境中协同工作的丰富经验。
  • 流利的普通话和英语书面和口头表达能力。
  • 强大的沟通能力和影响力。
  • 愿意不断学习并具有灵活性。
  • 一切判断以最高的道德和合规标准为基准,坚持诚信。
  • 可接受25%出差时间
For Current Gilead Employees And Contractors:
Please log onto your Internal Career Site to apply for this job.

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Travel Required?

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  • China

Global Experience Needed?

  • No

Specialized Experience Needed?

  • No

Apply before:

  • Apr 13, 2024
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At Gilead, we set – and achieve – bold ambitions to create a healthier world for all people. From our pioneering virology medicines to our growing impact in oncology, we're delivering innovations once thought impossible in medicine. Our focus goes beyond medicines, and we also strive to remedy health inequities and break down barriers to care. We empower our people to tackle these challenges, and we’re all united in our commitment to help millions of people live healthier lives. Social Media Guidelines:
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