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Job details
  • Final-year master's degree student in a quantitative field such as computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, or related field
  • 6+ months of professional, commercial experience leveraging statistical approaches including advanced machine learning techniques (e.g., data science, support vector machines, neural nets, deep learning, machine learning) and/or optimization in a commercial setting
  • Fluent in a number of the following technologies R, Python, Julia, SQL, GMPL or related languages
  • Strong presentation and communication skills, with a knack for explaining complex analytical concepts to people from other fields
  • French and English fluency (written & spoken)
What You'll Do
As a Data Science Intern with the Paris office...
You will work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact for organisations globally.
You will influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance.
Role Responsibilities
  • Work on complex and extremely varied data sets from some of the world’s largest organizations to solve real world problems
  • Develop data science products and solutions for clients as well as for our data science team
  • Write highly optimized code to advance our internal Data Science Toolbox
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary environment with specialists in machine learning, engineering and design
  • Add real-world impact to your academic expertise, as you are encouraged to write ‘black’ papers and present at meetings and conferences should you wish
  • Attend conferences such as NIPS and ICML as one global team as well as Data Science retrospectives where you will have the opportunity to share and learn from your co-workers.
  • Work within one of the largest and most advanced data science teams in Europe, support the Lead Data Scientists to develop data science products
What You’ll Learn
  • How successful projections on real world problems across a variety of industries are completed through referencing past deliveries of end to end machine learning pipelines
  • How to build products alongside the core engineering team and evolve the engineering process to scale with data, handling complex problems and advanced client situations
  • Be able to focus on modelling by working alongside the Data Engineering team which focuses on the wrangling, clean-up and transformation of data.
  • Best practices in software development and productionize machine learning by working with our Machine Learning Engineering teams which optimize code for model development and scale it
  • Work with our UX and Visual Design teams to interpret your complex models into stunning and user-focused visualizations
  • Using new technologies and problem-solving skills in a multicultural and creative environment
You will work on the frameworks and libraries that our teams of Data Scientists and Data Engineers use to progress from data to impact. You will guide global companies through data science solutions to transform their businesses and enhance performance across industries including healthcare, automotive, energy and elite sport.
  • Real-World Impact– No project is ever the same; we work across multiple sectors, providing unique learning and development opportunities internationally.
  • Fusing Tech & Leadership– We work with the latest technologies and methodologies and offer first class learning programmes at all levels.
  • Multidisciplinary Teamwork- Our teams include data scientists, engineers, project managers, UX and visual designers who work collaboratively to enhance performance.
  • Innovative Work Culture– Creativity, insight and passion come from being balanced. We cultivate a modern work environment through an emphasis on wellness, insightful talks and training sessions.
  • Striving for Diversity– With colleagues from over 40 nationalities, we recognize the benefits of working with people from all walks of life.
Our projects range from helping pharmaceutical companies bring lifesaving drugs to market quicker to optimizing a Formula1 car’s performance. At QuantumBlack you have the best of both worlds; all the benefits of being part of one of the leading management consultancies globally and the autonomy to thrive in a fast growth tech culture
  • Healthcare Efficiency– We helped a healthcare provider improve their clinical trial practices by identifying congestion in diagnostic testing as a key indicator of admissions breaches.
  • Environmental Impact– We designed and built the first data-driven application for a state of the art centre of excellence in urban innovation by collecting real-time data from environmental sensors across London and deploying proprietary analytics to find unexpected patterns in air pollution.
  • Product Development– We worked with the CEO of an elite automotive organisation to reduce the 18-month car development timeframe by improving processes, designs and team structures.
Please note that the recruiting process for this role can take up to 3-5 weeks, together with the necessary preparation - we advise you to take this into consideration when thinking about the timing of your application.
The first step in the process are two online technical tests, then 4 interviews with our recruiters and consultants, assessing your business sense & interpersonal, problem solving and technical skills.
Who You'll Work With
This internship is an opportunity only for final-year master's degree students and lasts 6 months. Start dates offered are throughout the whole year.
Based in Paris and working across the region, as a consultant data scientist you will work closely with our clients, data engineers and all types of McKinsey consultants on interdisciplinary projects, using math, stats and machine learning to derive structure and knowledge from raw data across various industry sectors.
This hybrid client-facing/technical role will allow you to use state of the art technologies to solve highly impactful business problems, whilst also leveraging your strong communication skills to convey complex intractable ideas to non-technical audiences.
Who You Are
This final year 6-month internship position is for a data scientist with strong intrinsic technical ability and an aptitude to solving complex problems using technology.
A core value at QuantumBlack is fusion and at the heart of our multi-disciplinary teams is the belief that the sum of individual parts will always be less than the impact of the entire team. You are a highly collaborative individual who is capable of laying aside your own agenda, listening to and learning from colleagues, challenging thoughtfully and prioritizing impact. You search for ways to improve things and work collaboratively with colleagues. You believe in iterative change, experimenting with new approaches, learning and improving to move forward quickly.
Trust between colleagues is paramount here – you are an individual who can always be trusted to work in the best interests of all colleagues and to achieve the best outcome for QuantumBlack and our clients. You are naturally enthusiastic and enjoy sharing your passion with others.

Benefits Offered?

  • No

Bonus Offered?

  • No

Travel Required?

  • No


  • France

Global Experience Needed?

  • No

Specialized Experience Needed?

  • No

Apply before:

  • Apr 14, 2024
Company Overview
QuantumBlack, AI By McKinsey
QuantumBlack, AI By McKinsey

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We are QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey. We bring the power of Artificial Intelligence combined with the unique strengths of people, to create a new source of dynamic, competitive advantage we call hybrid intelligence. QuantumBlack was born and proven in Formula 1, where teams live and breathe data. Today, we are the Artificial Intelligence (AI) arm of McKinsey & Company. At QuantumBlack, you’ll tackle critical problems faced by the world’s leading organizations—and society—while collaborating with the brightest strategic, data science and engineering minds. We put the health and safety of our people - candidates, clients, communities - first. We provide flexibility for our people to shape their working models. In today’s competitive environment, organisations that respond faster to change, with better insight and greater precision, hold a sustainable advantage. At the same time, information has gone from scarce to superabundant, affording an unprecedented opportunity for them to do so. Effective decision-making is therefore increasingly underpinned by data processing and technology capabilities. QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey 🔎 ⬇️ Follow and like posts that use the following hashtags, most relevant to you, to see more from our community: #QuantumBlack This is our general tag where you can discover all things QuantumBlack #AIbyMcKinsey This is where you can learn all about our insights, AI experimentation, and key tips that could help as you explore what AI can do for your business #HybridIntelligence Explore what this term means, and why it’s been integral to the evolution of technology and human achievement. #LifeatQB Our colleagues use this tag for events, training, socials, and offers a glimpse inside our culture #QBCareers If you’re interested in joining QuantumBlack, be sure to keep an eye on this one. Our team will use it to let you know about upcoming events and new roles.
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