14 Job Opportunities For A Microbiologist- Biostaffic

May, 31 2024
14 Job Opportunities For A Microbiologist- Biostaffic

Microbiology is one of the arrays of biotechnology, and advancements in molecular biology are utilized for applications in human and animal health, agriculture, the environment, and specialty biochemical manufacturing. Every microbiologist has a different set of skills. There are as many career opportunities in microbiology as there are in the biotech industry. Based on your experience and education, positions in a laboratory can span from Laboratory Assistant to Director of Research.

Whether you’re a college student who likes microbiology but isn’t sure what career to take or a microbiology veteran looking for a new hurdle, here is our list of biotech jobs in microbiology.

1. Biotechnologists

Biotechnologists mostly work in industries such as agriculture, the environment, food, and clinical sectors. They transform the genes of a microorganism.  An environmental biotechnologist might produce microorganisms that clean contaminated water.  A medical biotechnologist could produce medicines using techniques like cell culture.

According to Indeed, a biotechnologist can expect a salary of $111,302 per year.

2. Clinical Laboratory Scientists

Clinical Laboratory Scientists are Medical Technologists who work in diverse areas, incorporating clinical, veterinary, and state and national health laboratories. They evaluate blood, urine, tissue, and other body specimens to find the cause of an infection in a patient and determine what antibiotics are effective in treating the disease. This field is revolutionizing as genetic and mass spectrophotometry techniques become common. Numerous employees at Microbiologics have backgrounds in clinical science.

The average annual salary for medical technologists is $67,088.

3. Food Scientists and Technologists

Food microbiologists check food and beverage products for pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes and spoilage microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria.  Food scientists aid their company in meeting standards for product safety and food quality.  

 The average annual salary of a food scientist is $94,479.

4. Immunologists

Immunologists investigate how a body protects itself against disease. Research areas incorporate biodefense, biofilms, genetics, HIV/AIDS, immunologic mechanisms, respiratory pathogens, and the development of vaccines. You may visit an immunologist if you have food or seasonal allergies, for example, hay fever, eczema, or an autoimmune disease. When your immune system doesn’t work as well, your body doesn’t have sufficient defenses against infection. That can result in an elevated risk of developing cancer or autoimmune diseases, which can send your immune system into overdrive. 

The average salary of an immunologist is $184,570.

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5. Mycologists

Mycologists study disease-causing fungi and fungi that make antibiotics.  Mycologists generally work in clinical, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories. Mycologists also work in environmental laboratories that evaluate indoor air for mold spores.

A microbiologist or scientist who studies microorganisms, such as a micologist makes an average of $68,239 annually.

6. Parasitologists

Parasitologists investigate how parasitic microorganisms make living hosts ill, reproduce, and cause disease. The study of parasitology is one of the numerous new disciplines of the 20th century; as such, it is a dynamic and quickly evolving science that includes a growing number of sub-disciplines and technologies.

According to Google Gemini, the salary of Parasitologists ranges between $121,000 and $173,000 annually. 

7. Cosmetic Scientists and Technologists

Personal Care Product and Cosmetic Scientists and Technologists are accountable for confirming the safety of products such as shampoo, eye shadow, and baby wipes. You need a good eye and an observant sense of smell to make beauty products that look, smell, and feel amazing – and actually work!

The average salary of cosmetic scientists and technologists ranges between $59,876 and $122,759 (depending upon the level of experience and qualifications).

8. Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technologists

Pharmaceutical scientists and technologists are accountable for ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical goods. Technologists check raw materials and finished products for microorganisms causing diseases, namely Staphylococcus aureus and Burkholderia cepacia.  The work of Pharmaceutical Scientists is to research and develop new drugs and therapies.

The annual salary of a pharmaceutical scientist and technologist spans from $45,402 to $424,073. 

9. Sales

Some microbiologists find sales to be an exciting career.  Because of their strong forte in science, they can help customers pick the best microbiology product for their condition.  Several microbiology salespeople have degrees in microbiology or associated fields. They also have the opportunity to travel worldwide, visiting customers and distributors.

10. Science Writers or Medical Writers

A Reader always admires well-written articles on current advancements in microbiology.  Currently, for instance, there have been many excellent articles and broadcast reports about the H5N1 virus causing the bird flu. Strong communication skills packed with a background in microbiology can be the base of a successful career as a science journalist or blogger.

The average annual salary of a medical writer ranges between $77,682 and $150,000.

11. Teachers and Professors

Teachers and professors share a common passion for microbiology by educating high school, university, and postgraduate students.  They are accountable for creating and executing lesson plans that teach students the key features of microorganisms and the latest developments in microbiology.

The average annual salary of the teachers and professors of microbiology is $95521 per year.

12. Technical Support Specialists

Technical Support Specialists facilitate technical assistance to customers utilizing the manufacturer's product. The Technical Support Department at Microbiologics aids customers in picking microorganism strains, instructs customers on the use of products, and helps with hands-on customer and distributor training. 

The annual average salary is  $1,02,300 per year.

13. Virologists

Virologists study viruses that impact humans, animals, insects, bacteria, fungi, and plants in community, clinical, agricultural, and natural environments. They innovate vaccines for influenza and other diseases. They generally have a PhD or a medical degree. They generally work in research for academic or healthcare firms, public health organizations, or top biotech companies. The average annual salary of a Virologist ranges between $13,358 and $24,934.

14. Water Quality Laboratory Technicians

Municipalities, water treatment plants, and state and local authorities require technicians to check drinking, treated, and recreational water.  Usually, laboratory tests for E. coli, a sign of fecal contamination, and a warning sign indicate that water-borne pathogens like Salmonella and Shigella may be present.

Utilizing them in the laboratory is an excellent way to discover microorganisms. They are accountable for regulating and maintaining the equipment they use.  They collate and analyze data, document test results, and prepare reports.  

The average annual salary of a Water Quality Technician is $62,440.

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